Broadcast TV Services

Broadcast TV is where we really hit our stride. Fine Line has decades of experience in both local and national broadcast production, so you can be sure we’ll help you elevate your reach.

About Our Broadcast TV Services

Not to brag, but… Oh hell, we’re going to brag.

Broadcast Television Production is one of Fine Line’s sweet spots. We made our bones in TV, from staff writing positions with David Letterman and Bill Maher, to Turner Networks where we’ve launched two live-action series on Adult Swim. Along the way, we’ve performed various roles on dozens of live, broadcast, special events.

Fine Line currently produces three annual TV shows (with more in development): The Georgia Tech InVenture Prize, The ACC InVenture Prize, and The Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards. And we have a shelf full of Emmy Awards to show for them. Beyond that, we’ve collaborated with the NHL, NASCAR, and ESPN on national broadcasts of their special events. Whether it’s a scripted series or an annual awards show, Fine Line has the experience and relationships to get your program on the air!

Examples of Our Broadcast TV Work

Lights, Camera, Action!

Every project starts with a simple conversation. Schedule a time to talk with one of our producers, and find out how Fine Line can help you take your video or live event to the next level!