As the saying goes… If it isn’t on video, it didn’t happen. And it doesn’t matter what the industry is, compelling video is the fastest growing way to promote your business. Whether it’s B2B, B2C, Healthcare, Tech, Agency work, Mom & Pop Operations, or Fortune 500 Companies, Fine Line produces content for all industries, customizing our execution to meet the moment. Below are just a few of the sweet spots we’ve developed over the years.

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B2B Companies

Is your company talking to other companies? Or maybe you need to deliver content to employees in a specific department (think Training Videos). If so, B2B is where Fine Line helps to craft your message (we’ve found that humor is especially effective for internal communications). We’ll start with a discussion of the options for execution, ultimately producing memorable media with an impact that lasts.

B2C Companies

Sizzle Reels and Brand Videos, including Promo, Product, and Explainer categories, are the primary means by which companies connect with their target audience. We’ll start the production process with a conversation about who that audience is, along with your most critical message points. Our team at Fine Line will then present options and advice for optimizing your impact.

Broadcast & TV

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, broadcast production is just one of the places where Fine Line really shines! We’re currently producing three, live PBS TV shows every year, with more currently in development. Fine Line has also produced two live-action series for Adult Swim, and collaborated with the NHL, NASCAR, NBCU, and ESPN on various programs. We’re proud to say that in addition to a statue of Daffy Duck (from a show we produced for Cartoon Network), our office shelves currently hold no fewer than seven Emmy Awards celebrating our broadcast work.

Non-Profit Organizations

Every industry talks about return on investment, but there may be nowhere that ROI is more important than in the Nonprofit sector. Philanthropic organizations connect with their audience in unique ways, often with emotional messages that tug at the heartstrings, ultimately encouraging that critical donation. Fine Line knows this terrain well, having produced countless videos for live events, for landing pages, email distribution, and social media. In addition to these videos, we also have the capability to produce the events themselves, and we look forward to helping your organization reach a wider audience.

Educational Institutions

Educational content comes in all shapes and sizes. We know this from experience!

Fine Line has produced everything from 1-off educational videos with “teachable moments” sprinkled throughout, to multi-episode series teaching STEM, and even an entire year of high school chemistry for PBS. Best of all, we’ll produce this content with your audience in mind, keeping them engaged as they learn.

Tech Companies

The innovation space is where Fine Line thrives! In fact, Atlanta’s Tech Square is practically our second home, as we’ve spent the last two decades building relationships with tech accelerators in Atlanta and beyond. Whether it’s filming in the southeast’s largest cleanroom lab where scientists are actually conducting experiments with microscopic robots, or broadcasting the Atlantic Coast Conference’s InVenture Prize reality competition across 10 different PBS markets, Fine Line’s penchant for technology keeps us on the cutting edge.

Healthcare Organizations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25% of the fastest-growing industries over the next decade will fall under the banner of healthcare and social assistance, which is another reason Fine Line is proud to have extensive experience in the healthcare industry! From literally filming live surgeries to producing healthy eating tips for teenagers, our team knows the importance of safety, patient confidentiality, and accuracy in this industry.

Political Campaigns

Fine Line doesn’t want to pick sides. We just want to help you create content that allows your message to make the biggest impact possible. Whether we’re producing a single spot, a full campaign, or streaming and recording your town hall, Fine Line knows how to position your political platform with precision.


From concepting to casting to color correction, Fine Line has the capabilities and crews to deliver high-end video content for all callers. Agency clients consistently find that we are not only easy to work with, we go the extra mile to ensure clients feel heard and understood (some would even say pampered) every step of the way. We pride ourselves in allowing you to relax, knowing that we’ll be in the weeds on the deets so that you can maintain that 30,000 foot view of your vision without any clouds getting in the way.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Every project starts with a simple conversation. Schedule a time to talk with one of our producers, and find out how Fine Line can help you take your video to the next level!