Fine Line Friday! – September 2023

As Summer slowly starts to loosen its grip here in the South, I wish you a festive, Fall, Fine Line Friday. And before Summer slips away completely, I’ve found a couple of fun, movie-related links that offer extra insights on movies you’ve probably seen, and answer some questions you didn’t even know you were asking. For instance…

How many movies does it take to make Barbie? For Director Greta Gerwig, the answer is 33. Or at least that’s how many movies she put on her watchlist and that influenced countless creative decisions when making this blockbuster. Some seem obvious—like The Wizard of Oz and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. But Saturday Night Fever? Yep, it makes sense when she says it.

You may not recognize the company A24, but chances are you’ve seen more than a few movies from this distributor-turned-movie studio. The question is, how many? To find out, I suggest starting with this Vox video tracing the studio’s origins. I was surprised to find so many memorable films that I’d seen in the short 11-year period A24 came on the scene, including the 2022 Oscar winner for Best Picture.

If you checked the link above and noticed that you liked several of the movies A24 has produced, you might find yourself identifying with A24’s brand. And a good part of their strategy is to capitalize on that. That’s what brands do, sometimes without our own awareness. In fact, brain scan studies have shown that how people said they felt about their brand of smartphone was different from what their brain scans demonstrated. But the folks at Big Think explain it better than I can, which is why I’m sharing this fascinating video.

And while there’s still a hint of warmth in the air, I’d like to take a moment to pay tribute to the man who turned the season of Summer into a lifestyle—the late, great Jimmy Buffett. TBH, I searched for a lesser-known story about Mr. Buffett, hoping to offer the casual Parrot Head something they may not have known about this icon. But it’s fitting that lesser-known stories about Jimmy Buffett don’t seem to exist—a sign that he truly was the gentle, fun, genuine man we all came to love. And so I’ll just leave you with an early version of Margaritaville.

As Jimmy taught us so well… until next time, may you keep… Feeling Fine!