Fine Line Friday! – May 2024

…Annnnnnnnnd we’re back! Yep, it’s been a minute.
Many of you know that Chelsea and I have been busy the past several months producing our three annual, live-broadcasts for PBS. With bows tied and tightened on those shows, we’re easing back into our slightly less hectic workflow, and wishing you a very happy Fine Line Friday!

In celebration of those aforementioned TV shows, let’s start with a peak behind the curtain at this year’s Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards, sharing the love with a few of the folks on our fantastic crew who make that show shine! Special shout-out to Jack on Fine Line’s social media who put this reel together! You can see more of Jack’s BTS work, as well as other original videos, on Fine Line’s YouTube Channel.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and being Jeff Goldblum makes you an easy target for… well… flattery. But what’s even funnier than some of the imitations in this video, is Mr. Goldblum’s gentle critique of them. I not only received a lesson in how to receive a compliment, I also learned what the word fumfer means.

And speaking of learning…

Jerry Seinfeld offered the commencement address earlier this month to Duke’s Class of 2024, sharing his three keys to life. Of course he’s a comedian, not an academic. So he wrapped up the speech with perhaps an even more important message—the importance of maintaining a healthy sense of humor.

And finally…

Before May officially gives way to Summer, I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment this month to recognize the moms. Better yet, I’ll let SNL do it for me, with this funny and heartwarming Mother’s Day opening sketch from a couple of weeks ago.

Chelsea and I hope we cross paths with you this Summer. We also wish you a fabulous holiday weekend, and may you keep… Feeling Fine!