Fine Line Friday! – June 2024

Before you grab your keys and head to the beach for Summer’s peak holiday week, Chelsea and I are happy to share a few interesting items, while wishing you a warm and sunny… Fine Line Friday!

As technology continues to take over traditional territories, I’m wondering if 4th of July fireworks might soon be part of that change. To be more specific, drone shows are on the rise—literally. These amazing shows make way for much quieter, but equally awe-inspiring, celebrations. You can see what I mean by checking out of few Insta videos from a leader in the field—Sky Elements. And for Star Wars fans, I recommend their May the Fourth video.

And while you’re on Insta, I hope you’ll check out a post we put up last week telling a funny little story about a peripheral interaction (if that’s a thing) we recently enjoyed with Charles Barkley. Apparently we have the same taste in production company names.

If you’re on Insta regularly, you’ve probably seen more than a few folks posting videos from shows at Sphere in Las Vegas. I was recently looking into tickets myself when I chanced upon this video from MegaBuilds offering insight on what makes this venue so spectacular. Spoiler alert, the 167,000 laser-focused speakers and 256 million pixels of LED screen definitely help.

Technology aside, sometimes engaging video just grabs you. For years, that’s been the case for me and… wait for it… Publix commercials. Yep, for whatever reason I feel like they just hit the mark with their branding. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when I got pulled into this 60-second spot—a perfect blend of music (by The Verve), dream-like fantasy, and the otherwise simple act of buying ice cream.

BTW, I’ll be heading out of town next month to do some writing for the 2024 Paris Olympics. With that in mind, it seems fitting to share this inspiring video by Omega, which turns iconic Paris imagery into an Olympic playground.

With that I’ll say au revoir. Until next time, may you keep… se sentir bien!