Fine Line Friday! – June 2023

The summer movie season is upon us, helping to create content worth sharing, and offering me a chance to wish you a very happy… Fine Line Friday!
Yes, several big openings are already in the rearview (ElementalThe Flash), with more major releases still to come (Mission ImpossibleOppenheimer). And while we’re no longer getting DVD’s with all the extras, there are plenty of rabbit holes to explore that can elevate the audience experience.

But first…

I want to briefly switch to television-mode and send a special thanks out to everyone who helps create the TV shows that Fine Line produces each year. One of them, The 2022 Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards, won yet another Emmy Award last Saturday for Live Special Event, notching Fine Line’s 7th Emmy win. While a select few are lucky enough to have our names on the trophy, these shows are an absolute team effort. From our Interns to the Director to our wonderful client and all of the incredibly talented high school students who sing and dance their hearts out, the win is shared with everyone! Thank you!

Now back to those movies…

The catalyst for this month’s theme was the anniversary of the release of one of the biggest blockbusters of all time—Jaws. I’ll let you do your own YouTube search for reactions of people watching the film for the first time. I prefer to send you two of my favorite related videos: 29-year-old (seriously) Steven Spielberg’s real time reaction to missing out on an Oscar nom for Best Director, and a hilarious Snickers commercial inspired by the film.

Last month I included a link to a Star Wars homage to Wes Anderson and his iconic style. That style is taken to a whole new level in Anderson’s latest film, Asteroid City, which goes into wide release this weekend. In this video, the filmmaker offers some fascinating insight into the design and construction of this fictional town.

The setting for Asteroid City looks fantastical, almost animated. And that makes sense, as the lines between reality and animation are continuously blurring. Having spent 7 years of my career at Cartoon Network, I’m always excited to see where animation is heading next. To that end…

The folks at Vox have put together this truly engaging video essay tracing those animated lines from Pixar’s photo-realistic days to this year’s release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The finished movie accomplished the all-too-rare feat of maintaining the look of the concept art that inspired it, and this essay explains exactly what that means.

But what happens when you want to give a photo-realistic look to inanimate objects that need to convey life-like features?

That was the paradox faced by the producers of 2014’s The Lego Movie. And if you’ve ever wondered what the term “painstaking detail” really means, Nerstalgic has all the deets—including characters getting computer generated scuffs and scratches to give them a realistic, played-with look, and even the occasional fingerprint!

Until next time, I hope whatever currently has your fingerprints on it is bringing you joy, and keeps you… Feeling Fine!