Fine Line Friday! – July 2023

With the summertime sizzle upon us, it’s only fitting that I wish you an extremely warm and sunny… Fine Line Friday!

And speaking of sizzle…

You may recognize Chelsea Phillips Tafoya from her work as the In Game Stadium Host for the Atlanta Falcons, or perhaps from her nationally broadcast TV commercials for Dove. But you might not know that she’s also an award-winning producer! That’s how I met Chelsea—working together a few years back on the Soul Train Awards. Since then, our paths have crossed on a number of projects, and she has never failed to impress me with her unwavering work ethic and attention to detail, not to mention the infectious sunshine in her smile.

It is for all of these reasons and more that I’m thrilled to announce that Chelsea has joined team Fine Line! That’s right. And that means she could be producing your next video or live event. If you haven’t met Chelsea yet, the coffee is on us. Come by our office in Vinings, or we’re happy to meet at yours. We can’t wait to talk about your next project!

And while Fine Line continues to grow our team, AI continues to extend into other parts of the business world…

That’s the case with AI writing software like ChatGPT. And now almost anyone can create unique artwork by typing a simple smattering of text into a growing number of software platforms, such as Automatic1111. My dive into this world began when I recently discovered Instagram artist Ellen Vaman, whose stunning work with Automatic1111 truly captivated and moved me.

But lest we believe that the machines have already won, let’s take a few minutes to be warmed by The Office and Dwight Schrute’s battle with technology.

While technology is changing, human-conceived animated gags don’t seem to age a bit. At least that was my take, as I found myself hitting the “back five seconds” arrow repeatedly while watching this 1933, 7-minute, very trippy version of Snow White from Fleischer Studios (makers of the Popeye cartoons). You might also enjoy seeing an evil queen who just happens to bare an uncanny resemblance to Olive Oyl, or hearing a song by Cab Calloway. And who better to play the princess of purity than Betty Boop?

Thanks for sharing a few minutes of your Friday with me! Like I said above, Chelsea and I are looking forward to that cup of coffee. Until then, we both hope that you keep… Feeling Fine!